Coral Calcium Testimonials

Coral Calcium Testimonials from real people benefitting from using Xooma Coral Calcium

I have taken coral calcium for about 18 years. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It controls my pain and inflammation – this had to be taken at high levels to have this effect. I turned to using this after being made intolerant to conventional drugs

I am a builder and the years of bending and kneeling has taken its toll on my body. Arthritis pains in my knees lower back and ankles were painful and nothing that the doctors prescribed has worked. Until I was told about Coral Calcium, after using it for one week the pain was reduced and after 2 weeks I was able to get out of bed in the morning after sleeping better with none of the usual pains.


I work in the kitchen a high school, a little overweight with sore legs due to constantly being on my feet. Drinking Coral Calcium has eased the pains and I have lost weight. The downside of drinking so much water instead of coffee means that I am making more trips to the toilet but the extra trips are worth it.


I am 60 years old suffering from fibromyalgia. I now take Coral Calcium which eases the pains and I have reduced the number of painkillers that I have been taking. I would definitely say this has had a beneficial effect on my day to day life, more energy and less pain.

Using Coral Calcium has reduced the pains and symptoms that I was getting every month. So much so that I do not get any warning signs before I start my menstrual cycle. This is excellent and makes life easier.

Coral Calcium X20 PM Capsules have improved my overall health. I live in Sweden and I order from every 3 months. I have never had any problems getting the product shipped to me.

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