Alkaline Coral Calcium

We have been selling HTN’s Coral Calcium products for more than 10 years with orders being shipped all over the world as far as New Zealand.

The brand has been given a “new look” as Xooma X2O, the same great products with the same great health properties.

Returning customers have commented that using Coral Calcium has helped with the symptoms of:-

It helps with pain and fatigue while the Capsules help aide sleep leaving you refreshed and revived.

Coral Calcium Sachets

 More and more people are turning to alternative medicines to improve their health. But are these treatments really alternative or just good old common sense treatments that have been around for centuries, proven to work yet overlooked by modern lifestyles and modern medicine?

 Ancient cultures were aware that coral’s 73 minerals and elements are key for the healthy to remain healthy and for the unhealthy to regain their vitality.

 The first documented medicinal use is by the Arabs in the 16th Century. The oldest pharmacy in Spain was built in 1685 in Panaranda de Duero in northern Spain. This pharmacy, now part of a museum, displays a container of “ground up” coral with the inscription “Coral stone to purify the blood” and further states that the coral calcium has a beneficial effect upon the heart and elevates the mood of the person taking it.

Because of the condition of the soil and environment, supplements are definitely not an option, they are a requirement! If you want you and your family to live healthy lives you need the right ones.

 On this website you can find information proving that Marine Grade coral calcium is not only safer for the ecosystem, but also much more beneficial for your body. Remember, when you buy things at rock bottom prices you usually get what you pay for. In the case of coral calcium it’s usually literally ROCKS! To ensure quality buy our Original Patented™ products.

We now supply Live Blood Analysis Clinics in the UK and Denmark with Alka-line Coral Calcium. These clinics show their patients the results of using the Alka-line Coral Calcium via live blood slides.

Before Using Alka-line Coral Calcium
After Using Alka-line Coral Calcium


Use CoralCalcium treated water in any water based liquid drink

Coral Calcium is a family run business, setup to provide low cost, high quality products to our customers.

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